Important info regarding lower section of Jordalselva

If you are planning to paddle the lower section of Jordalselva try to stay on river right when walking or taking out. There is cultivated land and animals grazing on the river left, so the farmers will be really happy if we respect that.

If you absolutley have to take out in the middle of the section, it is best to ask the farmer where you can park and walk out.

Please be aware of this and act politely if something unexpected forces you to take out on the «wrong» side. Most of the people living up the valley are really cool and easy to talk with. Unfortunately some kayakers have failed to behave politely and respectfully, so there is a chance of meeting angry farmers as well. Let’s try to make our reputation better, spread the word!

  1. Ask the people in the valley where you can park.
  2. Stay on river right as much as you can.
  3. Leave nothing.

Thank you!


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