Velkomen Lee!

Klubben har endeleg fått sin eigen, dedikerte hovedinstruktør! Lee kjem til å ha hovedansvar for kurs og aktivitetar i klubben og me ynskjer han hjarteleg velkomen!

For those of you who may not know me already, I am a kayaker from the UK who moved to Voss last year and will now be working as the hovedinstruktør for Voss Kajakk Klubb.

I am probably mostly known in kayaking as an ‘extreme’ whitewater paddler, having travelled and paddled all over the world, but I come from a varied background that will help me to develop the club in all areas and for everyone.

Starting paddling in the UK, I spent most of my time learning to enjoy being on the water wherever I could, and have been involved in many clubs focusing on different areas of paddlesports from touring and sea kayaking and class 2 / 3 whitewater, to competing in high level freestyle, downriver racing, flatwater sprint/marathon & slalom.

My main goal at Voss Kajakklubb is to help improve and develop the club for the benefit of every member, and to increase participation so that the local community can experience and enjoy the amazing nature that Voss and Norway has to offer.

I do not know everyone in the club yet, and I would like to get to know everyone so I can introduce myself personally, and hear what you as a member want for development, and what makes you enjoy kayaking so I can help to improve upon what the club already offers.

If you have anything you want to say, I can be emailed at and will be around at most club things, so just come and have a chat.

I hope to see you all out on the water soon as the weather warms up!

– Lee Royle

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