Waterlevelsapp for iPhone and Android

Waterlevels app

Get the latest waterlevels from NVE in one tap, straight on your phone i pad. Download the app here: Android version or iOS Version.
The app is straight forward, the first page will show the last three levels from each river: Raundalselva, Strandaelva and Vosso. You can always get the latest data available from NVE, by hitting the refresh button in the bottom. Tap the rivername to see the levels for the last 24-48 hours. Drop us an email if you have questions or feedback!



The data are retrieved from these urls:

You might check them if the app fails. If NVE changed the structure on these pages the app might also fail to get the data. So keep your app up to date from App Store 🙂


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Voss Kajakklubb er "Reint idrettslag" og tek avstand frå bruk av dopingmidlar.

Gå til www.antidoping.no for oppdatert informasjon.

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